Data Annotation is Now at Your Fingertips!

Data annotation has never been so fun

How can you make data annotation, a job that is so repetitive, and tedious for some to be more refreshing? well, one of the ways is to make it accessible to a different platform such as a phone. Now how do you make data annotation fun and enjoyable? well, by making a game out of it.

When I was a data annotator in my previous company, I tried to search for a tool for my daily image, text, or audio tagging. Out of the tools that I’ve tried, none of them can be used on the phone. Most data annotation tools are only available via PC and some of these are not that easy to install either.

In Tictag, the company tries to do something different with data annotation or data tagging as the company called it. I was very impressed when I first got my hands on the application because it feels like you are playing a game more than doing a job. Doing 200 of image annotation never feels like a chore to me because of how fun and accessible it is to me.

If you somehow get bored in the middle of the tagging process, you can just close the app, take your time to do something else, and come back to the app if you feel like you want to do it again. There are also rewards that you can possibly get so it is worth your time.

This is how the mobile app looks like and how it looks when tagging:

available task list

Pretty smooth right?! besides image annotation, several types of data annotation can also be done in the app such as image classification, text annotation, text classification, etc.

Also, if you are wondering what are the rewards, here are some of them:

berry interesting rewards

As someone who has been a data annotator for two years, I’m curious to see what the future holds for data annotation because now the very tedious job has many gamification elements that a lot of people can enjoy.

A lot of people can now easily take their part in building machine learning as data annotators because of this app.

How exciting is that?!

Right now, the app is still on limited access. However, if you are interested in bounding box those images at the tip of your fingers and get those sweet sweet rewards, you can sign up here:

Let me know your thoughts on Tictag and see you guys later!

P.S. Special thanks to my friend Parth Goda for helping me by giving some inputs for this article!

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